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Charles Cornwallis
Lord Charles Cornwallis was born in England on December 31, 1738.
 Cornwallis was educated at Eton, received his ensign's commission in the Grenadier Guards in 1756, then briefly attended a military academy at Turin.
Cornwallis was married twice. His first wife was Jemima Jones.
Charles Cornwallis and his wife Jemima had a son, Charles, who was born on Oct. 19th, 1774. He eventually became the 2nd Marquess Cornwallis, and died on Aug. 9th, 1823.

After the war, Cornwallis became the Governor General of India and the Viceroy of Ireland. Cornwallis died in 1805.
Cornwallis died Bengal, India in 1805.
Three Interesting facts:

1.)English general and statesman.
2.)He was commissioned an ensign in the British army in 1756 and saw service in Europe in the Seven Years War.
3.) He was a member of Parliament